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​JAPANESE GREEN TEA-houjicha tea packs


Sencha is  most commonly drunk tea in Japan. That is grown without sunlight, using the fresh shoots and rubbing the tea leaves in several stages to dry them. 

It is sustained by the energy of the soft sun, fresh water and the soft breeze that blows over the hills.

​It has a good balance of aroma, sweetness, astringency and bitterness. It goes well with all kinds of sweets, sweet as well as with salty snacks. This tea is also recommended as a beverage during meals.
It is also unique in that it can be enjoyed in any number of infusions.
The tea leaves are best enjoyed in a KYUSU teapot to extract a deeper flavour and richer taste.

How to enjoy Houjicha tea packs

Houjicha tea packs

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This tea has not been sprayed with pesticides since it first sprouted.


W68 D68 H60mm



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