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The aroma of agarwood is described by five tastes [sweet, spicy, bitter, sour and salty].

WANOYA agarwood has a strong sweet and balanced spicy flavour.
It has subtle floral notes and astringency.
It is a calming and refreshing mindfulness incense.

The culture of fragrance in Japan spread from Buddhism and developed into an enjoyment of the fragrance itself as the country moved from the elegant dynastic period to the samurai period.
The spread of its fragrance is believed to mean that mercy is spread equally.

Before you use

Please use on the ashes of the incense burner.

If using an incense stand, please use a non-flammable vessel underneath.
After use, always make sure that the fire is com
pletely extinguished when
discarding the ashes left in the incense holder.


Do not leave the area while burning.
Do not use incense
for any purpose other than that
for which it was intended.

Agarwood Incense

€ 30

Long stick
Size 136mm burning time 25min


W42 D19 H162mm



Producing area:

Hyogo Pre made in JAPAN

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