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HAI Volcanic ash bowl
from the Kagoshima Prefecture (South Japan)

“What on earth is this made from?” That was our immediate reaction when we saw a HAI Volcanic Ash bowl for the first time. Neither porcelain, clay nor stoneware, it looked more like a combination of all three materials.

The HAI Volcanic Ash Bowl is made in Kagoshima Prefecture using ash from (insert name of the active volcano on Sakurajima), an active volcano on the island of Sakurajima.

The volcanic ash is mixed with ashes from burnt rice straw to create these fine-grained ceramic bowls.

A unique ‘metallic’ surface featuring irregular patterns create a contemporary look, and the bowls can easily withstand everyday use. 

Each bowl comes with a matching lid that can also be used as a plate. The bowl and lid are oven-, microwave- and refrigerator-safe.


Caring for you HAI volcanic bowl

  • Do not use over open fire

  • Do not use abrasive detergents or sponges

  • Do not expose to sudden temperature changes (e.g., pouring cold water into a hot bowl, or hot water into a cold bowl)



The HAI Volcanic Ash Bowl comes in three sizes.

HAI Volcanic ash bowl  Small




Ceramic,Volcanic ash from Sakurajima



Small: D110×H60mm




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