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SAKURA Butter Case
from the Ishikawa Prefecture(NorthwestJapan)

For the butter that you use every day. Honestly, for a long time we did not care which butter case we use, but we changed our mind when we met this butter case.


The SAKURA Butter Case is made out of Japanese wild cherry tree wood. The wood has a pleasant and natural touch and can energize your kitchen and dining room.



  • The SAKURA Butter Case is finished using natural oil only and it does not have any additional colorings. The cases vary depending on which piece of the tree it is made of. Color and pattern variations are natural characteristics of the products.

  • Every SAKURA Butter Case stems from a piece of wild cherry tree which cut into two matching pieces. One piece is used as the basis for the butter, and the second part is hollowed out to be the butter case lid.

Caring for you SAKURA Butter Case


  • Wash the SAKURA Butter Case with lukewarm water only.

  • If the wood of the SAKURA Butter case starts to dry out, apply a thin layer if olive oil

  • Do not soak the butter case in water

  • Do not wash the butter case in a dishwasher

  • Avoid direct sunlight.

SAKURA Butter Case




W142×D94×H52mm (outside)

W142×D94×H52mm (inside)



butter for 200g





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