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Gingko Tree-Cutting Board
from the Gifu Prefecture (Central Japan)

Gingko trees are very common in Japan and are often planted along local avenues. Cutting boards that are made out of gingko tree are one of the fundamental cooking items in the Japanese kitchen.

It is well-known that Japanese kitchen knives are very sharp and many people are proud owners of such Japanese knives. But have you thought about a cutting board that supports the knife?

The Gingko tree cutting board is made out of a natural material that has a very smooth surface. This facilitates cutting with a “soft touch” which regular wooden cutting boards cannot offer. The chef who is using this cutting board experiences a smoother cut. At the same time, the knife’s cutting edge is better protected and stays sharp for longer time.

Caring for you Gingko tree cutting board

  • Do not use more detergent than necessary; always rinse the cutting board with fresh water

  • Dry the cutting board after washing it

  • Make sure the cutting board is stored in a ventilated area

  • Avoid direct sunlight; it may crack the cutting board

  • Do not clean the cutting board in the dishwasher



  • Because Gingko tree is a natural product, the color and wooden patterns differ

Gingko Tree-Cutting Board-Circle




About D250xH25mm




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