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from the Nagasaki Prefecture (South Japan)

Some time ago we visited an area in Nagasaki Prefecture that is famous for hand-crafted porcelain. Looking to meet craftsmen we hadn’t encountered before, we visited a restaurant and learned they had been using SEN plates for many years. The proprietor told us his plates were made by Chiyo and were known for their perfect balance of aesthetics, size and weight, as well as outstanding resistance to scratches.


We visited the designer and fell in love with several SEN plates, which we took home for testing. SEN plates are decorative but never overbearing, striking a balance that is typical for WA aesthetics. They are made from special clay that is lighter than ordinary porcelain, but also more robust.

Sen plate Sima




Local Clay



Ø 260mm H28mm




Caring for you SEN plate

  • Do not use over open fire

  • Do not use in the oven

  • Do not use abrasive detergents or sponges



Our selection of SEN plates:

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