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SHINOGI series
from the Kumamoto Prefecture (South Japan)

The SHINOGI series is manufactured in a kiln that is located in a small and quiet village in southern Japan. The craftsman learned the skills from her father who developed a new pottery technique that creates a unique white-grayish glaze. 

The technique requires the craftsman to collect and produce very particular basic elements: First, she goes to the local mountain and collects a particular type of clay. Second, she gathers bamboo tree and produces her own charcoal which she will later use for firing SHINOGI products in the kiln. Third, she collects straw from rice fields which she burns to create ash that is then used for making the special SHINOGI glaze.

All SHINOGI products are handmade with the craftsman’s own design. SHINOGI products have a unique surface with colors and shapes that are distinct for every product.

Caring for you SHINOGI products

  • Do not leave the products soaking in water

  • Do not clean the products in the dishwasher

  • Do not use in the oven

  • Avoid pulling or dragging the products across surfaces that are easily scratched

Shinogi Tea Pot

€ 160.00



Local Clay,ashes from rice straw



D185mm x H175mm 



about 700ml





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