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from the Nagasaki Prefecture (South Japan)

Making salad is always exciting. It seems like daily work but sometimes it is special. Put your favorite vegetables, try out new olive can change everyday.

Whenever I get a new spice in town I think ‘what can I combine it with?’ Especially, when I find fresh vegetables at the market, I always think that a simple olive oil dressing is my personal favorite, but then, often a ‘secret spice’ would make

it very special. The spice is the best just after grinding. I am so happy when I found my secret combination. It is cool and nice, Don’ t you think so?

The spice mil is made in HASAMI YAKI NAGASAKI.

You can put only few grains of spices and you can grinding as you wish. This spice

mil is looks cool so you will like to use it as your home party. It will become your one of the best item in your kitchen and your dining room.

How it works? Simply put your favorite spice in the lower part of the mill. Then insert the upper part and start turning it with slight pressure. For coarsely ground spices, a few turns are usually sufficient; if you wish to have fine-grained spices you need to grind a little longer.

Where to use it?

The mill makes a convenient everyday tool in your kitchen, but it is also very convenient beside your regular salt & pepper containers on your kitchen counter.

The mill aslo makes a fine and attractive tool on a dining table or on a buffet's spice corner.

Caring for you mill

It is best to wash your mill by hand, but it can also be washed in a dishwasher.

Spice Mill







W68 D68 H60mm




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