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Tokoname Tea Pot from

Aichi Prefecture (Central Japan)


Time to drink a cup of tea, and to take a deep breath. When you wake up in the morning, after having a meal, when you are at work or before going to bed…there are many times during the day where having a cup of freshly brewed tea makes you feel better.


Green Tea is very important part of daily life in Japan and therefore it has a long tradition. Its health benefits and distinct aroma help to soothe one's feelings and bring a healthy lifestyle, which is very important in Japanese culture. Japanese teapots are the most authentic way to prepare original Japanese green tea.


Tokoname tea pots are among the most famous tea pots in Japan. Each teapot is individually handcrafted using local clay. This clay is known to produce milder and sweeter flavors than other clays or porcelain. Tokoname tea pots also have an in-build sieve that is made out of the same clay. This sieve filters out tea leaves and prevents the tea from touching another material. For these reasons Tokoname teapots are said to be best for brewing Japanese green tea.

How to take care

  • When cleaning the tea pot with a soft brush or sponge do not use more detergent than necessary; always rinse the tea pot with fresh water

  • Dry the tea pot after washing it; stored it with an open lid in a ventilated area for some time

  • Note that the tea pot’s color and surface change and create a patina over time

  • Do not clean the tea pot in the dishwasher

Tokoname tea pot 

Hira (Handle on the side of the tea pot)



Clay from the Tokoname area


Size: D133×W175×H79mm

Capacity: 240ml

Weight: 200g


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